Welcome to the Sheltie Annual!

We are the only print magazine dedicated to the Shetland Sheepdog and tailored to enhance the National Specialty. Our goal is to provide breed fanciers with the most up-to-date ads, in-depth interviews and informative articles. The response to our inaugural issue was overwhelming and we ended up printing 200 additional copies and sold out almost immediately! In order to better serve our readership, we will mail the Annual to all subscribers right before the National. This way you can not only preview the dogs you are about to see, but make notes of those you need to watch for.

We opted to print this in a smaller size in order to allow our readers to carry it in their purse or bag at all times. This way it can be viewed at a moment's notice during the National or on the road. After all, what could be better than watching an exciting new stud dog in the ring, and having his pedigree right in the palm of your hands?

In the Fall we are introducing a special feature called the National Review. It is an "illustrated catalog" providing photos and information on every placement and winner of the most recent National Specialty. It will be larger in size (8.5 X 11) to accommodate every dog's photo, judge's critique, pedigree and breeder/owner information. We want to capture the breed's history as well as provide an educational tool to study pedigrees, breeding programs and stud dogs.

Both of these issues are permanent records of history and will reach an audience that exceeds far beyond Social Media. We want to bridge the gap of communication and provide publications that stand the test of time.

The heart behind this endeavor is Jen Milani of Showtime Design. She brings years of design expertise and a true passion for the breed to create a magazine she hopes will inspire the breed enthusiasts of today.



Jen Milani :: Editor & Designer
Email: sheltiedesign@gmail.com
Phone: 302-239-2463


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